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Recording Tools

Flipgrid - Free 

Video discussion platform

Charlala - Free 

Turn any device into a

digital canvas for unique language practice.

CLEAR (University of Michigan) Rich Internet alternatives

Excellent list of recording and sharing tools for World Languages.

VoiceThread- Free/$79 

Social question-led discussion tool

Chirbit - Free

Social recording and sharing tool - Free

Basic recording tool with optional accounts

Voki - Free

Create avatar and give

it a voice!

SoundCloud - Free

Social recording and sharing tool.

TwistedWave - Free

Audio editor similar to GarageBand, easy-to-use.

Vocaroo- Free

Basic recording tool with sharing options

GarageBand - Free

Mac/iOS only recording and editing tool

Blabberize- Free

More for fun: Use pictures and add voice with moving mouth.

Google Voice - Free

Users can leave voice or text messages.

Audacity - Free

Audio recording and editing