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Digtal Storytelling 


Looking for a tutorial?

Visit my "Thinking About Syncing" playlist!


Wall / Page Presentation Tools


 These tools allow users to create presentations and on a "wall-like" platform. 

Thinglink - Teacher example - Blog post -Free and paid options available App and

Web-based tool to annotate images with videos, links, text, and other images. Amazing!

Padlet - Student example - Add pictures, videos, links, and audio to a collaborative

(or personal) digital bulletin board. 


Genially - Inspiration board - Free and paid options available for educators. Create interactive content 

and presentations with animations, audio, video, and text. Similar to Thinglink and Google Slides/Drawings. 

Platform may be used in French, Spanish, or English.

Glogster Edu - Student examples - Free and paid options available. 

Design an interactive poster with pictures, video, text, and appealing art. 

Haiku Deck - Catherine's example - Free! Presentations that focus on images and little text. 

Canva Free and paid options. Design presentations and social media graphics

Prezi -  Student example : Use a template or a blank canvas, links, pictures,

videos, and text to build an interactive presentation. 

Google Maps
 - Catherine's example of Google Maps for WL teachers and learners.






Video Tools


Use these tools to create engaging videos with music, pictures, text, and voice.


Screencastify - Free Google add-on. This screen (and Web cam) recorder allows users to record over Google Slides, 

YouTube videos, Storybird books or any Web site. Videos can be shared via Google Drive or YouTube. 

Animoto - Free educator and student accounts! - Student example 

Combine pictures and video with music and text on templates. 

Adobe Spark Video -  Free. This tool is both Web-based and an app. Add pictures, videos, audio,

music, and text to create stunning videos. 

Flipgrid - Now FREE for everyone! Create a grid for a class, add a topic, and invite students to reply via

video (mobile devices or computers with cameras).  

Seesaw - Free and paid options. French 2 student blog -  Although meant as a digital portfolio system, Seesaw

allows users to narrate and draw on pictures or videos. This outstanding tool can be used on

a variety of mobile devices and computers. 


WeVideo - Free and paid online video editor.  This is powerful, but easy to use video editing platform that

allows collaboration in the cloud from mobile devices and computers.

Other video editor options: These tools have paid subscriptions, but they may fit your needs better.

MagistoPhotoPeach, Wideo




Writing Tools

Pict-Lits - Inspire stories through pictures. 


BigHugeLabs - Use digital photos and text to create posters, trading cards, magazine covers,

and unique projects.

Storyboard That - Free and Educational pricing options. Digital storytelling through storyboards. Explore the

French and Spanish examples for learners and teachers.  

SlideShare  - Teacher example : Upload PowerPoints, PDFs, and other documents to share and embed.

Comic Strip, Animation, Infographics, and Picture Tools

ToonDoo -  Teacher example. Creative characters and comics builder

Make Beliefs Comics - A comic creator with WL students and teachers in mind. 

Comicshead - Flash-based comic creator, you may need to allow Flash on Chromebooks.

Pixton Comics for Schools - Paid subscription - Create multi-panel comics with text. 

Powtoon - Free and paid subscriptions - Create animated videos

Zimmer Twins - Create and share animated stories from template scenes and your own text.






Infographic Creators - Nicole Naditz's example -  Free - Create and share visual ideas through infographics. - Free - Create infographics and charts from 30 different templates. (even video!)

Piktochart - Free and educational pricing options available

Create infographics, reports, banners, and presentations.







Interactive Book Creator Tools 


Storybird - Teacher example : Stunning art leads to thoughtful stories!

StoryJumper  - Use your own art or the provided images to illustrate your story. 

Book Creator for Chrome -  Free and paid options - Add pictures, multimedia, and text to create interactive books.

This tool is also available as an iOS app ($4.99)

Flipsnack - Free and paid options - Upload PDFs and other files to create flip-style books.

Word Cloud Tools



WordArt - A customizable tool for transforming words into word clouds

Wordle - Wordle transforms text into a visual artwork piece. Users may use any work that they have

produced and transform it into art.

Word Clouds ABCya! - Much like Wordle, this basic program allows you to "play" with a text.

Users are able to change the font, the color, and the size of the word cloud.

Tagxedo - Tagxedo is an advanced, but still easy-to-use program that uses shapes, fonts, themes, and the Web to help

you create sophisticated looking word clouds. 

Update: At this time I do not recommend embedding your creation in a site or blog. The developer uses "Silverlight,"

which is not a compatible program with most browsers. Save your creation as a .JPG file and upload it as a normal picture file.





Writing Tools
Comic Strip/Animation Tools
Infographic Creator Tools
Word Cloud Tools
Video Tools
Presentation Tools
Interactive Book Creators Tools
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