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Curated French Curricular Resources

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World Language educators deserve quick and organized access to authentic and curricular resources. As many teachers move away from textbooks, they learn that searching and organising quality content takes time and insight on effective searching. My goal as a French resource curator is to provide a wide variety of thoughtful and meaningful materials that support the three modes of communication and the World-Readiness standards. Whether it is an infographic on screen time of teens in Canada or a short clip on school life in Dakar, I try pin/organise weekly. If there is something you need, but can't find, contact me and we can work together.  

These resources can also be accessed on the AATF Curated Resources page.

YouTube Playlists - AATF & Français Mount Vernon (My curricular YouTube channel)

Need a video on Bonhomme Carnaval or a clip for a MovieTalk? These 70+ playlists are categorized by themes, vocabulary topics, and cultures. Most videos are 10 minutes or shorter and are school-appropriate, however, I always suggest viewing the complete video before using in class. 

Pinterest - There are 70 thematic boards on the AATF account. I pin reading, writing, listening, language, cultural, and curricular resources every week. While Pinterest does not have a robust search function, I do create sub-pages for several topics.  


Diigo - Diigo (social bookmark site) resolves my issues with the inability to tag resource links with searchable keywords. If it is pinned on Pinterest, I also add a link on Diigo with as many keywords as possible to help users filter their needs: Food > Identity theme > France > Audi0 = exactly what you were searching for!  

Google Collaborative AlbumsWhile Google Images is a solid resource for finding pictures, not all pictures are copy-right free or approved for use by others. I have created  28 collaborative albums on Google Pictures for teachers to find and share their own pictures of the Francophone world. Each album is dedicated to different themes: food in Europe, street signs in Canada, architecture in Sénégal, etc. These pictures may be used in any presentation or project. Share them with students or discuss for Picture Talk! 




IFProfs USA - I am one of the animatrices / admins of the Institut Français' sharing platform. The site is a like a Wiki where members can search for and share resources: units, lessons, activities, videos, etc. There are several groups for specific topics (Interpretive listening activities, French culture, etc.), but there is also the broader "Ressources pédagogiques" tab. I created a tutorial on how to use IFProfs and a tutorial for accessing /  joining the groups. 

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