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Digital Storytelling and Audio Recording iOS Apps

Explore my Symbaloo for apps that support language acquisition, World Readiness Standards, and Common Core Standards. Read more about the alignment on ACTFL's Web site.

Mobile app and device resources


Seesaw & Web site - Free 

Capture student learning and save it to an online digital portfolio. students can narrate and draw on a picture or video of their work.


Adobe Spark Video - Free 

Create engaging videos with text, pictures and videos.


Buncee - Free 

Use photos, text, stickers, animations, and drawing to make a wonder-filled creation.


Bookcreator - $4.99 iOS/$2.50 Google 

Create engaging books filled

with images, videos,

narration, and music a

nd share across devices

and platforms. 

Digital Storytelling apps

Little Bird Tales  & Web site - Free Create engaging, narrated books with hand-drawn or captured pictures. 


Shadow Puppet & Shadow PuppetEDU - Free 

Question-led chat tool


30 Hands - Free

App and Web-based tool that uses images and audio recordings to author engaging  presentations.  


PixnTell - Free & $0.99 

Create basic presentations using pictures and narration. 

Avatar & Speaking apps

Tellagami- iOS hasn't been updated. Free & 2.99

Create personalized talking avatars (like Voki) with background images. Add your narration and post to social media and YouTube. The paid version provides school-appropriate avatars, unlike the free version. 

MySchoolAvatar Free / Edu version - $2.99

Customize an avatar and add a message (voice or computer generated) to share via various social networks.

French 2 examples: Food preferences

Buddy Poke - Free 

Create personalized talking avatars  to share through iMessages or e-mail.   

FotoBabble - Free 

Take or choose a picture from your device's camera and record a message.

Comic & Animation apps

Sock Puppets - Free 

​Add Puppets, props, scenery, and backgrounds to create lip-synced videos.

Yakit Kids - Free - Example
Import a picture (person or animal), choose a mouth, and bring your character to life.

Comics Head - Free 

Incorporate templates, your own pictures, and Flickr images into storyboards and comics.

Toontastic - Free 

Draw, animate, and narrate 3D, shareable videos.


Lomics - Free 

Create video comics with pictures, speech bubbles, and text. 


ComicBook!- $3.99 

Import personal or Flickr pictures to create comics.


Comic Touch 2 

Free & in-app purchases

Create comics from your pictures, add stamps, and voice bubbles. 


Strip Designer - $2.99 

Create personal comic strips using the photos from your photo album or iDevice camera.

Recording apps
My Story School eBook Maker.jpg

My Story School eBook Maker

- $4.99 (Check Apple Volume Purchasing for discount.) Add

pictures, text, voice, and drawings to create personalized stories. 

Voice Record Pro - Free 

Record voice memos in a variety of formats including Mp3 and Mp4.

Share memos via Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, email, and SMS.

Flipgrid- Free 

Engage students in video conversations through this app and Web site. Create a question for students/groups.

Chirbit - $0.99 

Social audio sharing:  Web site creates QR codes for audio files. Teacher can leave audio or text feedback for students! 

Interactive Whiteboard apps

Explain Everything Free & Paid 

Screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere.

Create slides, draw in any color, add shapes, add text, and use a laser pointer. Rotate, move, scale, copy, paste, clone, and lock any object added to the stage.

ShowMe Free & Paid 

"Flip" your classroom or just provide extra content, Students and teachers can build interactive presentations that are recorded as the presenter talks. These lessons can be share on iPads and online on the ShowMe Web site.

Educreations Free & Paid 

Much like ShowMe, Educreations allows users to build video lessons that can be shared online and through iPads. This recordable whiteboard app offers teachers the option to customize learning for different learning styles. 

Baiboard - Free 

BaiBoard is a cloud based collaboration app that enables users to create and collaborate on educational content, through the use of collaborative whiteboard, voice conferencing, document annotation etc. ! 

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