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Catherine Ousselin

Catherine Ousselin is a graduate of the University of Kansas with an M.A. in French Language and Literature. She is a member of ACTFL, IALLT, NADSFL, WAFLT, ASCD, NADSFL, and the AATF of which she is the current Region IX representative. Catherine is the AATF Social Media Manager and Curator, the Chair of the Technology Commission, an avid blogger on World Language curriculum development and technology integration as well as a frequenter participant on #langchat and other Twitter Ed-chats. She teaches French at Mount Vernon High in Washington State where she serves as a Digital Literacy Coach for the school district. Catherine was the 2017 PNCFL Teacher of the Year and a finalist for the 2018 ACTFL Teacher of the Year.

Full Curriculum Vitae (Awards, Presentations, Papers, Articles)

Curriculum Design and Technology Workshops

I have been providing workshops on thoughtful technology integration and World Language curriculum design to educators since 2009. My experience includes NCCE, EdCamps, professional organization conferences, school district professional development and keynote addresses. 


Please contact me about designing a workshop that will meet the needs and interests of your group. 

Previous curriculum workshop topics include:

1. ACTFL 6 Core Practices & Curriculum Design

2. Communicative Activities for All Three Modes of Communication

3. UBD Thematic Unit Design with AP themes and CanDo objectives 

4. Storytelling with Legends and History

Previous "Thinking About Syncing" technology workshop topics include:

1. iOS (Apple) devices and apps (applications) for World Language educators and learners.

2. Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education

3. Web tools and apps for Digital Storytelling, Language Development, and Audio /  Video Production.

4. Social media for educators and learners: Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

5.  Collaborative tools through Google Drive (Docs, Forms, Blogger, etc.) and Wikis (Wikispaces, etc).

6. Web site development through Google Sites, Microsoft Expression Web, etc.

7. Digital Literacy and Citizenship  for all levels and learners.

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