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This page will be updated by July 2020. Several of the units I had created and shared were found on  various Teachers-Pay-Teachers pages, so I am redesigning how I package and share them. Thank you for understanding. 


Mount Vernon High School French Curriculum Guide


Novice-Mid > Intermediate Low (French 2)

1. Qui sont ces Francophones célèbres? Who are these famous Francophones?

2. Qu'est-ce qu'on mange aux cantines scolaires mondiales? What's for lunch in school lunch around the world?

3. L'Éducation pour toutes et tous! Education for everyone!

Novice-Mid > Intermediate Low (French 3)

1. Et si on visitait Paris? - What if we visited Paris?

2. Vivre en société et consumérisme - Living in society and consumerism 

3. Identités géographiques et culinaires - Finding our identities from where we live and what we eat

4. Les jouets de nos enfances et les marketing sexiste - Gendered marketing to children

Intermediate Low > Intermediate Mid (French 4 - College in the High School)

1. What are my positive impacts on the environment?

2. Equity in the workplace: Women, immigrants, and migrants

3. Art around me and around the world: How is art a window to culture / mirror of culture?

4. Qui suis-je? Ma vie personnelle et publique sur les réseaux sociaux | Who am I online? 

Intermediate Mid > Intermediate High (French AP) 



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