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Activities and Assessments

Read Matt Miller's post  and NWEA's post that compares several of these formative tools. My list is not exhaustive, but in the spirit of offering tools that I have used with my students, I have organized this overview. 

Language acquisition and practice via activities and quizzes

Games can motivate students, but take care not to "overuse" these tools. On the SAMR ladder of technology use, several of them provide only a "Substitution" level of interaction (Paper quiz > Electronic quiz). Mix and match with Digital Storytelling and Interpretive Listening tools to encourage student creation and imagination.


H5P- Free 

Impressive collection of interactive content types for listening, reading, speaking, and studying! User-friendly interface for all tech-levels. 

Gimkit- Free & paid

Use pictures and text to create an engaging game. This is currently the most popular at MVHS!  French example

Quizlet | Quizlet Live - Free & Paid 

Variety of activity types for individual review and Quizlet Live group competition. French example


Quizizz- Free 

Basic multiple choice questions with pictures. French examples


Quizalize- Free 

This is a very basic quiz site, but it is quite user-friendly. French example


Kahoot- Free 

Fast-paced multiple-choice game with pictures and text.

French example


Formative- Free 

Not as engaging as other game sites, but a solid option with a variety of question types. 


Socrative - Free & Paid  

An early front-runner of edtech game tools. Create quizzes with T/F, multiple choice, and short answer. The "Space Race" game is classic fun. 

Quia - Free & Paid 

This site has been active since 1998. Users can create quizzes and a variety of games. Surprisingly engaging!





Interpretive Listening Activities

Use YouTube and other videos to create formative or summative activities by embedding questions into the videos. 


EdPuzzle- Free 

A powerful and easy-to-use interpretive listening tool. Track student progress and connect through Google Classroom.


Garbanzo - Paid subscriptions

An online, interactive library for Spanish language learners.


Playposit- Free & Paid 

Previously "EduCanon," this site allows users to use videos in a variety of interpretive listening tasks.


LingroToGo (app) - Free

 LingroToGo uses game-based play to inspire students to learn Spanish on their mobile device.


TeachVid - Free.  Multiple languages and activity types available. "Create language learning content with interactive text reconstruction activities and quizzes based on short videos."


Lyrics Training - Free. Available in several languages with multiple proficiency levels. Watch videos and fill the missing words.


FluentKey - Free/Paid

FluentKey helps language teachers make listening fun and meaningful by turning real-life videos into an interactive game. We have hundreds of authentic videos in the world’s most popular languages.  


Google Forms- Free 

Insert videos and different question types. 

French sample #2 

Interactive Lesson | Formative Assessment Platforms


Create content slides with pictures, videos, questions, quizzes, and drawings that students interact with synchronously or asynchronously. Both platforms integrate with Google Drive and other LMS platforms.   


Nearpod- Free 

Powerful presentational tool for creating interactive lessons with video, pictures, and questions.


PearDeck- Free 

Import Google Slides, PDFs, PowerPoints, and other media to create interactive lessons.

Game sites for Language Learners


While there are many sites and apps for language learners, these are my favorite and they are free!


Brainpop (Français) (Español)

Free & Paid 

Animated clips with questions for different subject matters. 


Languages Online- Free 

Engaging activities for nine languages.


Duolingo- Free 

Gamified language learning via app or Web. Duolingo is connected to several textbook curricula or choose your own topics.


Memrise - Free & Paid

Much like Duolingo, but with more focus on "logical" phrases and words.


Digital Dialects- Free 

Vocabulary games on a wide variety of topics for more than 10 languages. 


LingroToGo (app) - Free

 LingroToGo uses game-based play to inspire students to learn Spanish on their mobile device.

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