Backchannel and Discussion Tools

Backchanneling is real-time interaction using computers or mobile devices between participants and presenters. It allows for continuous feedback and discussion during a presentation. 

Answer Garden - Online brainstorming space based on a question posed by the moderator.

YoTeach- Free replacement to "TodaysMeet."

YoTeach- Free replacement to "TodaysMeet."

Twitterfall- Twitter client specializing in real-time tweet searches. New tweets fall into the page.

Mentimeter - Free and paid options. Create quizzes, collaborative word clouds, polls, open-ended questions, and several other activity types.

The Answer Pad- Free and paid options. Interactive activities with drawing, multiple choice, short answer, and essay question options.

Backchannel Chat- Useful chatroom site for educators. The site provides profanity filters and the ability to track student interaction. 

Poll Everywhere - Collect immediate feedback to a question through a text message and code. This is not as interactive as a chatroom or message wall, but provides quick feedback.

Padlet- Free and paid. Powerful collaboration tool that allows users to post links, upload documents, and customize a collaborative and moderated wall.

Tagboard - Uses hashtags to search for and collect public social media within seconds of being posted to networks like Twitter and Facebook.

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